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Say “YES, I CAN!” to a new level of confidence and discipline, new skills and a positive new outlook.

Every parent should have the peace of mind to know that their child has the skills to navigate confidently and successfully through life's challenges.

If you ask a young children what they want to be when they grow up, they may say they are an astronaut, a professional sportsperson, a celebrity or performer, or a heroic figure. Kids always want to be the most incredible things. Children have an innate confidence in their ability to do anything they want. Children also have focus; watch a baby play with his feet, a three-year-old play with LEGO or an eight-year-old playing a video game. But then something changes. Sometimes that uncorrupted self-confidence and focus disappear. Upon leaving school, many lack the confidence and direction to pursue their dreams or even to get the most basic job.

It doesn't have to be that way. Northlakes Karate's Black Belt Martial Arts allow children to explore their innate powers and develop a positive winning attitude, inner confidence, self-discipline and respect.

These attributes are invaluable for promoting your child's successful and fulfilling future. Truly confident people have more empowering options for navigating through life's challenges.

Introduce your child to Northlakes Karate's Black Belt Martial Arts and smile as they increase in confidence and concentration and grow stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

Studies indicate that karate is ten times better than team sports at developing a child's self-esteem and confidence. No other activity produces such dramatic results.

The real secret of Northlakes Karate's Black Belt Martial Arts is less about learning to fight others and more about winning the fight within. We include principles for conquering personal fears and self-doubt to free your child from self-defeating thoughts and questions, such as…

  • "I'm not good enough."

  • "I can't do it."

  • "I'm so dumb."

  • "Why do they always pick on me?"

  • "Nobody likes me."

  • "It's not fair."

And replace those thoughts with a positive winning attitude, inner confidence, self-discipline and respect.



Your child develops a positive outlook that enables them to move outside their comfort zone. To overcome the fear of failure and learn to take responsibility for themselves without blaming others.



Your child finds the inner confidence to dig deep and not give up, even when the going gets tough, learning to persevere, even through failure, and strive more valiantly to reach their goals.



Ordinary yet time-wasting childhood distractions will not hinder your child. Your child will learn to focus and develop the ability to stay on task. They will learn to make eye contact with their teachers and to pay full attention to what is being taught.



You and your child will be treated with respect from the moment you walk into our school. Children quickly learn that they are respected when they are respectful. They know to emulate the respectfulness they see in our instructors. Respect becomes automatic, a habit for life.



Enrol your child in the free intro program at Northlakes Karate's Black Belt Martial Arts. The session includes a visit to our dedicated full-time facility, an introductory lesson, and a one-on-one meeting with one of our professional teachers.


During this visit, you will become acquainted with our program. We will discuss your child's needs and progress and answer questions you may have.


Here's how it works:

Your child begins by learning the profound influence of the martial arts "attention" stance and the "bow." Watch as they:

  • Gain confidence with "Self-Defence Awareness Every Child Should Know"

  • Build rapport with a super role model Black Belt instructor.


Be encouraged as your child recites the Kids' Karate Promise:

1. I promise never to use karate to show off or to hurt or scare others.
2. I will always show self-control and respect.
3. I will only use my skills to defend myself, help others, and improve my life.
4. I am on a quest to be my best.


In one short lesson, your child will gain improved self-confidence while enjoying the fun and excitement of a high-quality, safe karate and martial arts program.


How to Register

Complete the online registration form, and we will contact you to answer any questions and schedule a visit for you and your child.




Don’t allow today’s busy, stressful, hustle-bustle schedule and lifestyle put you in a tailspin. At Northlakes Black Belt Martial Arts, we have been teaching the powerful fitness, personal development, and safety tools found only in karate and martial arts to adults for over 30 years. Martial arts is the world’s best all-around activity because it gives your body a great workout while sharpening your mind. Training in martial arts dramatically improves your focus and concentration while reducing stress and promoting a longer, healthier life.

Every adult should be able to experience the following:


Reduce and eliminate harmful stress…your “key” to health and inner peace! Eliminate the paralysis of “overwhelm.” Get fitter and more robust. Feel younger, live longer and enjoy life more.



Achieve the appearance you want. Develop muscle tone and lose body fat. Slim down to your ideal weight. Walk with poise and confidence—command respect without saying a word.



Smash through previously imposed limitations. Wake up each morning with energy and purpose, ready to fully engage the day.



Live life on your terms. Have the knowledge, strength and reflexes to Be Aware, Confident and Safe. 



Utilise the training of the oriental martial arts training to develop “unassuming” mental and physical strength that you can use to help your career, family and friends.


Northlakes Karate focuses on the following three areas in an easy-to-learn format:

1. Achievable energy-giving fitness, “fitness with meaning.” For adults, this means getting to a level of fitness that promotes a high level of energy, a more robust immune system, stress management, and enjoyment of life. We establish a level of fitness comfortably, one that you will maintain and adopt as a lifestyle.

2. A Modern Approach. Although our techniques are based on traditional karate, our application of that knowledge sets Northlakes Karate apart from other schools. Our program will teach you what you need to know to be safe, and we do so comprehensively, sharpening your instincts and heightening your awareness.

3. Lifestyle. This is the part where you develop and enhance the personal skills that empower you to operate on a higher level – self-control, self-confidence, positive thinking, courage, perseverance, and the ability to focus on your goals.

You will experience the following:

  • Self-empowerment — Take control of your health, lifestyle, and destiny.

  • All the benefits of developing and maintaining a sound body and mind – growing confidence, fitness and stress reduction.

  • A refreshing and enjoyable break from the stresses, strains and responsibilities of daily living



During your free, no obligation “Getting Acquainted” program, you will:

  • Tour our dedicated full-time facility.

  • Begin your Martial Arts training with a “one-on-one” briefing and introductory lesson.

  • Learn a simple “safety strategy” you can share with your family members.

  • Learn “The Physiology of Confidence”, the “easy to learn” adjustments to your posture, voice projection, and eye contact that instantly cause you to exude more confidence.

  • Increase your levels of energy and enthusiasm.

Start winning today. Complete the “Introductory Program” form and register your interest online. One of our teachers will contact you to answer any questions and schedule an appointment.

We look forward to helping you reach your goals for martial arts, fitness, and personal development.

Your 3 Easy Steps to getting started:

  1. Complete the online registration form

  2. One of our teachers will call you.

  3. Visit our school!


Thank you for your time, and we are excited to meet you soon in our dojo.


3-5, 5-8, 8-14yrs

A program that develops confidence with a can-do attitude.



A great way to reduce stress, get in shape with other like-minded people

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A fast-paced, fitness-focused format which will make you fitter and stronger

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A program that develops confidence with a can-do attitude.

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BBMA North Lakes is AWESOME. The staff are all very friendly and helpful. It is a wonderful atmosphere. My daughter has been attending the Tiny Dragons class since October last year and she has learnt so much and absolutely loves it.  I can't speak more highly of them!

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